Open chat in Signal on Android devices - Signal Dialer - Sierra Leone (SL) prefix: +232 / 00232

Follow the 3 simple steps. It helps to insert the phone number in correct format for open chat in Signal app. ✅ Tested by the users. [Sierra Leone: +232]

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1) Phone number international prefix

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2) Complete the phone number

3) Open in Signal on Android

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Why is this site only for opening Signal chat in the Android devices?

For example, Whatsapp has an official solution to this function by creating a link in the form However, the Signal application does not have a similar official solution. How to open a Signal chat on an Android device has been mentioned on this Signal community page:

I have not yet learned about a similar solution for Windows or Aplle devices. An official solution from the creators of Signal may be available. Then it will be mentioned here as soon as possible. If you have more actual information or any idea, you can contact me on

How to dial Sierra Leone phone number in Signal?

It is simple. However, you must have the Signal app installed on your Android device.

  1. Open Signal app
  2. At the right-bottom corner is icon with pencil. Tap on it.
  3. Now you can write a name from you contacts. At the right-top corner (left-side from three dots) is the icon for dial phone number. It switch keyboard to numbers.

Can I send messages to unsaved Sierra Leone phone number with international prefix +232 / 00232 by Signal?

Yes, it is possible and it is easy. Right this site is created because of it. Follow 3 steps on the top of this page. The phone number with international prefix +232 / 00232 is from Sierra Leone (SL).

What other prefixs can I use in international Signal number?

Here is some other international prefix, what you can use on Signal: +590 (Signal in Saint Martin), +508 (Signal in Saint Pierre and Miquelon), +1-784 (Signal in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), +685 (Signal in Samoa), +378 (Signal in San Marino), +239 (Signal in Sao Tome and Principe), +966 (Signal in Saudi Arabia), +221 (Signal in Senegal), +381 (Signal in Serbia), +248 (Signal in Seychelles), +65 (Signal in Singapore), +1-721 (Signal in Sint Maarten), +421 (Signal in Slovakia), +386 (Signal in Slovenia), +677 (Signal in Solomon Islands), +252 (Signal in Somalia), +27 (Signal in South Africa), +82 (Signal in South Korea), +211 (Signal in South Sudan), +34 (Signal in Spain), etc. Or you can visit the home page of this site Open chat in Signal on Android devices - Signal Dialer.

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